Top 5 Reasons to Choose Impact Windows

top five reasons to choose impact windowsHurricane damage can be devastating. When debris from high wind storms become penetrating projectiles, ordinary windows and doors fail. When a failure occurs during a storm, the pressure difference between inside and outside of your residence can cause significant structural damage in seconds.

Blowing rain in high wind storms can actually penetrate your home and deposit a large amount of water causing thousands of dollars of damage – even if your window and doors don’t break. Impact windows and doors provide a safe and secure storm barrier from wind blown projectiles and blowing rain. Florida’s Best provides affordable category 5 protection.

There are many good reasons to protect your home and investment with Florida’s Best windows and doors:

1. Safety

Most people buy impact windows for storm protection, but they also provide excellent protection from unwanted intruders.

Even an intruder wielding a crow bar can’t smash open a Florida’s Best brand window or door. Yes, the glass will break, but it doesn’t allow for passage because of the special laminated glass that is used in all products.

2. Insurance Discounts & Energy Savings!

You can save money by lowering energy bills associated with cooling your home. Insurance companies also lower homeowner’s insurance rates when approved impact windows are installed. In fact, all buildings valued over $750,000 are now required to install approved impact windows and doors in order to maintain their coverage.

With impact windows and doors installed, the homeowner’s savings can be dramatic. We know of one customer whose annual rates dropped more than 50% from $5,600 to $2,600.

3. Noise Reduction

Another secondary benefit from installing impact windows and doors is noise reduction. Just listen for yourself how much noise reduction you can experience with Florida’s Best windows and doors. This reduction is made possible from the thick laminated glass and double high grade weather seals used in all of our products.

4. Resale Value

Would you rather buy a home with or without impact windows? It’s a simple question, but given the choice most people would prefer a home with impact windows and doors. In fact, some real estate agents would say that a home with impact windows can command a higher selling price.

5. Time!

While your neighbors are all scurrying about buying plywood, searching for their drills and ladders, sweating (literally and figuratively) to get their shutters installed, you and your family can be relaxing and making other storm preparations because with your impact resistant windows, you don’t have to spend time installing shutters.

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