Miami Dade Window Impact Testing

miami dade approved impact windowsHere’s how the Miami-Dade County product approval process works:
Windows and doors are sent to an approved lab where they are tested for air and water leakage, structural pressure, forced entry and impact resistance.
Two impacts are conducted on each window and three on each door. (Two out of three windows also gets a structural impact.)

Then with no repairs or adjustments, the impacted windows are subjected to 9,000 cycles of positive and negative wind loads to certify that the product can still survive hurricane-force winds.

This entire process is videotaped. The videotape, test report, drawings and accompanying engineering data are submitted to Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance Office, Product Control Divisions, for review by a licensed engineer.

After approval, a recommendation is sent to the Building Code and Product Review Committee for final approval and a Notice of Acceptance is issued.

Miami Dade County Impact Window TestingThe Impact Test
The High Velocity Hurricane Zone section of Florida Building Code requires that every exterior opening – residential or commercial – be provided with protection against wind-borne debris caused by hurricanes. Such protection could either be shutters or impact-resistant products.

There are two types of impact-resistant products: large-missile resistant and small-missile resistant.

Large-missile resistant
A product is declared large-missile resistant after it has been exposed to various impacts with a piece of lumber weighing approximately 9 pounds, measuring 2″ x 4″ x 6′ in size, traveling at a speed of 50 feet per second (34 mph). The product must pass positive and negative wind loads for 9,000 cycles, with impact creating no hole larger than 1/16″ x 5″ in the interlayer of the glass.

Small-Missile Resistant
A product is declared small-missile resistant after it has been exposed to various impacts with 10 ball bearings traveling at a speed of 80 feet per second (50 mph). The product is then subjected to wind loads for 9,000 cycles.

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