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Advanced Windows & Shutters is the South Florida PGT WinGuard provider of choice! We carry PGT’s main product, “WinGuard” impact resistant windows, because we’ve come to realize that they are high quality windows from a manufacturer we can trust.   Not only will these windows keep you and your family safe, but they are sure to add value to your home as well.

PGT is one of the largest manufacturers of doors and windows in the country and they are located in South Florida so they have a good understanding of the special needs of Floridians when it comes to buying windows. PGT Windows address the issues of tropical storms, hurricanes and the scorching heat of the summer that Floridians often face.

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PGT windows can reduce the often high energy costs of the hot Florida summer months with windows that are energy efficient. Energy efficient windows can more than pay for themselves after a couple years of low energy bills. Not only that, but windows which carry the Energy Star rating can qualify you for a tax break come April 15th.

PGT windows will also filter out 99% of UV rays from the Florida sun that can cause fading on drapery and furnishings. Here PGT saves you even more money by protecting your belongings from having to be replaced after only a few short years of exposure to the sun.

The benefits from PGT Windows don’t stop there. PGT Windows offer noise reduction, intruder protection and protection from hurricanes. The non-impact and impact resistant glass in windows offered by PGT are invaluable assets to your home once hurricane season rolls around here in Florida.

PGT offers both aluminum and vinyl frames. Their custom windows allow you to choose your material, style, color, design and size creating a window that is truly a perfect fit for any room in your house. Whether you are looking for something contemporary or more traditional, energy efficient or hurricane resistant, residential or commercial, you can find what you need with PGT.

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