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Advanced Windows & Shutters is the South Florida ODL Severe Weather door glass provider of choice! We carry ODL because we’ve come to realize that they make high quality impact door glass from a manufacturer we can trust.   Not only will this door glass and doors keep you and your family safe, but they are sure to add value to your home as well.

If you live in a hurricane zone or other high-wind area, ODL Severe Weather® door glass provides a beautiful, hurricane safe solution.

ODL Severe Weather door glass is certified for use in a range of entrance systems to meet Florida and Texas wind-borne requirements in areas where wind speeds can exceed 160 mph. Severe Weather® door glass meets DP±66 wind and missile impact code requirements and Department of Defense minimum anti-terrorist blast standards.

Severe Weather® hurricane impact frame
ODL Severe Weather® door glass features an aluminum hurricane impact frame. The frame is available in a white powder coat finish with enhanced adhesion characteristics for painting.

Installing ODL door glass & doors is one of the 
smartest investments you can make for your home and family.

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